The Sunncamp Trailer Tent Range

July 11, 2012 – 07:39 am

Sunncamp are one of the most respected trailer tent manufacturers around. Their reputation has been built on providing affordable and quality products over many years. The after sales and support is second to none, and the Sunncamp stockists are always very helpful and friendly from my experience. Sunncamp are one of the best on the market and their trailer tent range has won many awards for durability and ease of use.


There are also many trailer tent accessories available from Sunncamp so it is worth taking a good look at what they have to offer. The Sunncamp range has five trailer tents to choose from, and each has been designed for different requirements and people. All of them have warranties and guarantees should you have any trouble with them, but i doubt you will.


The first in the line up is the Sunncamp Holiday 240 Duo, which is a two berth trailer tent, hence the name. This tent features a very large living space to relax in. It comes with a very large 2.4 metre awning that will really give you much more storage space, and it is very simple to erect, which is handy to say to least.


The awning can be attached to the front of the tent with the zips, so it is very simple to do. When fully extended you will have somewhere to sit and enjoy your stay. The awning is also pretty stylish and durable, with a more modern look and feel than most other awnings i have seen. The large front panel can be rolled or zipped up for easy access, as can the side panels, which have windows and curtains in them.

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ProRac Pro Rac Systems Inc. Tent Trailer 4 - Bike Carrier
Automotive Parts and Accessories (ProRac)
  • Tent trailer camper bicycle rack for 1-4 bikes
  • Attaches to the towing frame, does not require drilling into the tent trailer
  • Fork-mount style bicycle rack
  • Fits most tent trailers
  • Adjustable upright telescoping bars

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You might consider buying the tent

We did this for my cousin's wedding (it was a group effort/pot-luck affair). We purchased a long carport type tent. It was long enough for an RV, tall enough, and white. It doesn't have sides to it, but it sheltered us from the rain, and kept the heat from the space heaters from just going straight up.
We dressed up the poles with flower garland. I think it was under $100 on sale. It covered 6 6ft tables (rectangle), so my guess is it would seat about 50 people or so (you could probably squeeze more). We just had a free flowing family style sit-down. We had another smaller awning that served as the lounge with cocktail tables, the drinks, etc.

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Trailer Tent - Conway Royale
Trailer Tent - Conway Royale
Conway Trailer Tent

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A summary of Conway Trailer Tent models can be found at Trailer Tents Size and Colour 1978-2005. This has layout diagrams, sizes and colours of the.

Conway Trailer Tent Sale

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Conway Corsica Trailer tent, owned since new and always stored in a dry, integral garage. Although old, it is in excellent condition, the only damage being.

Conway trailer tent

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  • Avatar paul p Where would i be able to get an erection manual for a Conway trailer tent?
    Jun 10, 2010 by paul p | Posted in Other - Outdoor Recreation

    The specific model is a Conway Canterbury DL, I have bought it second hand with no manual so dont know how to put up the adjoining tents / awning. It may very well be self explainitary as I start to have a go but a manual would take all the guess work out of it.

    • Haha, okay, I'm sorry but is that what they're really called? Bwahaha. XD